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Picture of Dyrham HouseDyrham Park near Bath was transformed into a mansion in the Baroque style between 1692 and 1704 by William Blathwayt. It is now run by the National Trust. A few impressions of the park and garden on this page. Picture of the Orangery at Dyrham Park
Picture of a view over Dyrham Park Picture of a path through Dyrham Park
A path with a walker at Dyrham Park, various paths are going through the park. Several viewpoints provide excellent views over the park and landscape around Dyrham.
Picture of the water garden and Dyrham House

The West Front Garden still has a few features from the original 18th century formal garden. In 2003 a new scheme was launched to redevelop the garden, which is expected to take 5 years to complete.

Dyrham Park is home to approx 200 fallow deer. I first only saw them in the distance, later I found a group resting in the shade under a tree.

Picture of a view over the water garden
Picture of two deer running over a hill Picture of a group of deer resting under a tree
For a different view of Dyrham Park you can try a 360° Quicktime VR Panorama of Dyrham Park (Note: 3.3MB, fast connection recommended). A preview below:
Preview 360deg panorama of Dyrham Park