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Picture of clouds over a loch All too quick it was all over and it was time to drive back to Swindon. At least the weather made it a little bit easier, it was a quite cloudy morning after the fantastic weather the previous day. I packed my car, settled the bill and left for the long drive south.

It remained cloudy while driving along Loch Lomond. I briefly considered a short stop in Glasgow, but then decided to press on. A few sunny spells on the M74 made the drive more pleasurable and after a lunch time stop in Carlisle for some food shopping in Carlisle I arrived back in Swindon early in the evening.

I wrote a summary of the two weeks in Scotland in my weblog after returning to work on the Monday: 4 Munros, 1 Island and 1,900 Miles Later

Picture of a road along a loch with cloudy skies Picture of sunny spells while driving on the motorway

Beinn Narnain <- Scotland Summer 2005