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A lane in Bradford-on-AvonBradford-on-Avon takes its name from an old fording place, the "broad ford". This was replaced by a bridge fairly early though, the bridge still being a focal point in the town today. To the right the old jail, which is part of the bridge. Below two pictures a friendly lady allowed me to take from her balcony overlooking the valley and the Avon. On the bottom picture are actually two churches: The old jail on the bridgeThe building in front is the St Laurence Church, dating back to about 700 AD. The bigger church in the background is the Holy Trinity Church, mainly built in the 15th century. Bradford-on-Avon has a lot of beautiful old buildings, just walk around a little bit.
The bridge over the Avon from a house on the hill The bridge over the Avon (the jail is behind the leaves)
Two churches, St Laurence in the foreground Row of houses in Bradford-on-Avon