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A simple bridge over a stream in Heale GardenHeale House (not open to the public) and with it Heale Garden can be found in Middle Woodford, just north of Salisbury. A plant centre where you can buy unusual trees and other plants serves as the entrance to the garden. From here you can walk through the water garden, one of the remaining features of the garden designed by Beautiful trees in Heale Gardenthe architect-gardener Harold Peto for the diplomat Louis Greville, who had bought the house in 1890. Not all the plans by Harold Peto were executed or some of them were changed later: The grassy area with the fruit trees (picture right) was once a rose garden with a design of formal beds. Some of the features have disappeared because
Heale House from the gardens Heale House from the front
The Japanese Tea House in Heale Gardenit is impossible to maintain a garden requiring many more gardeners than affordable today. You can see some of the effects on the path in the picture above right. Partly because Peto apparently wasn't very interested in the necessary underpinnings like foundations and footings. A lovely feature still remaining is the Japanese Tea House with the Nikko The Nikko Bridge with the Japanese Tea HouseBridge in front of it. The bridge crosses the river flowing through the garden, leading to a meadow which once used to be a formal garden. You can still see a Venetian Wellhead in the grass of the meadow (sorry, no picture).
View from Heale House into the garden The Nikko Bridge in Heale Garden