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Longleat House - Front Longleat House - the back with the Love Garden
Longleat House from the sideLongleat House near Warminster is the home of the Marquess of Bath and his family. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside, but it contains a series of magnificent ceilings by John Diblee Crace, several libraries and a lot of paintings and furniture. Also several Flemish tapestries and finally Lord Bath's murals. The building is set within the background of grounds landscaped Longleat House in the evening sunby "Capability" Brown. I think it looks particularly nice in the late afternoon soon (pictures right and below).
To fund the maintenance of the house Lord Bath introduced several other tourist attractions including a Safari Park (with Safari Boats) and an Adventure Castle. I didn't visit them, but you'll find some impressions at the bottom of the page (they are right next to the house).
In the grounds of Longleat A lake in the grounds of Longleat
Tourist Safari boat in Longleat Childrens train in Longleat