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Malmesbury Abbey Malmesbury Abbey
The Bell hotel through Tolsey GateMalmesbury in the northwest of Wiltshire is probably best know for it's abbey (see two pictures above). Malmesbury Abbey was founded in the seventh century, although only the nave has survived until today. The other parts burned down, were damaged or collapsed over the centuries. The tomb of King Athelstan (first King of England) can be found here, the location of his remains is unknown though. Below a picture of the Market Cross at the top of the High Street. It was build in the 15th century to provide shelter from the rain. And still does, as you can see this picture was taken just after a rain shower...

To the left a picture of "The Bell" hotel seen through Tolsey Gate (Malmesbury Abbey is towards the right)

The Market Cross

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Abbey House Gardens is a lovely garden on the grounds of the old abbey. It's a very short walk from the Market Cross, just past the "The Whole Hog" (a pub overlooking the market place). It is privately owned and maintained by Barbara and Ian Pollard. The garden has various areas, ranging from a celtic cross knot garden over a herb garden to a tree lined river (The Avon flows through the garden)
Abbey House Gardens - Formal garden
Abbey HouseWhen I visited in late April 2001 the tulips (there are 30,000) were in full bloom, the colours were amazing. I've tried to capture a little bit of it in the picture below right. You will find benches to rest in various places, I particularly enjoyed the one below left under the trees (so does the cat, it joined me on the bench to rest on the armrest)
I recommend a visit to this lovely garden, I'm sure I will return.
Tree, bench and cat Tulips