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In early April 2003 I spent a very nice afternoon in and around Marlborough. Below a view over Marlborough from Granham Hill, standing just above the Marlborough White Horse.
Picture of a panoramic view over Marlborough
For a better view of this panorama you can try the large version of this panoramic view over Marlborough (400kb). Please use the back button of your browser to return to this page.
Picture of the town hall in Marlborough
Picture of St Peters Church in Marlborough

Above an impression of St Peter's church, which is now used as a craft exhibition. Marlborough College (established in 1843) is just past St Peter's church on Bath Road.

Picture of the Marlborough White Horse
Picture of the High Street in Marlborough

The wide High Street is one of the most popular parts of Marlborough, unfortunately it is usually full of parked cars and a lot of traffic is going through it. There are churches at both ends, although one is now unused.

Picture of the Castle & Ball Hotel in Marlborough
Picture of the entrance to the college

Above the entrance to Marlborough College, from its ground you have a good view to the Marlborough White Horse (detail on the left).