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Front entrance to Stourhead HouseStourhead House was build in the early 1720s by Colen Campbell for Henry Hoare I. It is modelled on sixteenth century Venetian Villas in the Palladian style. The National Trust does not allow photography indoors, so I can only show you external pictures here. To the left the front entrance, leading to a library, a paintings collection and some good examples of Chippendale furniture. Stourhead House - back

Above and below the back of the building with an impression of the rhododendron in the garden. From here you can also walk down to Stourhead Garden.
I'm not sure what the building below left is, I just thought it looks nice here. It's on the way to King Alfred's Tower, just past the Obelisk.

Unknown building on the estate Stourhead House garden
The village of Stourton is part of Stourhead Estate. The estate office is located here as well as a tea room and a National Trust shop. Below left a row of cottages in Stourton, below right St Peter's Church. St Peter's Church can also be seen from Stourhead Garden, in the background behind the Turf Bridge
Cottages in Stourton St Peter's Church in Stourton