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Picture of booths Picture of a variety of kites
Picture of a man flying a kitePicture of two kitesIn early May 2005 I visited the Swindon Kite Festival at the Wroughton Science Museum on Wroughton Airfield.

It was an almost perfect day for it, mostly sunny with a fresh breeze blowing for the majority of the time.

There were booths selling all kinds of kites and kite related materials, but the main attraction were the kites, kite buggies and kite surfers. A large variety of kites were to be seen:

Kids were launching their small kites while young men were trying to control stunt kites. There were big and small display kites as well, including a flying penguin.

Picture of families flying kites Picture of two smaller display kites
Picture of a kite in the shape of a penguin Picture of a large round kite
Picture of a kite surferPicture of a kite buggyThe other attraction were the kite buggies from the British Buggy Club (BBC) as well as the kite surfers with their oversized skateboards.

Apparently kite buggies can reach speeds well over 40mph, unfortunately I didn't get round asking them about the highest speed they had measured on the day:

Picture of two people, one holding a speed gun

There were also some impressive jumps:

Picture of a kite buggy jumping Picture of a kite surfer jumping
Picture of a kite buggy Picture of a kite buggy driving past