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Picture of Swindon Town HallThis is the old Town Hall of Swindon at Regent Circus. It now houses an arts & dance school as well as the library. Regent Street with Swindon's main shopping precinct begins at this square (behind of from where the picture was taken). Under the trees you can just make out a war memorial.

The path below is the entrance to The Lawn, a 50 acre park at the former home of the Goddard family. The house had to be demolished in 1952 after the last member of the Goddard family had died in 1927 and the house had deteriorated after the war. The park has two lakes and panoramic views of Swindon and the Marlborough Downs

Picture of the entrance to The Lawn
Picture of Queens Park in Swindon
Queens Park is a nice park between Old Town and Town Centre in Swindon. It's a small park built on the site of a former quarry with a lake and a garden cafe during the summer

Picture of Christ Church in SwindonChrist Church is the large old church towering over Old Town. It's right next to The Lawn, although there is no direct access to it

From here it is not far to the Magic Roundabout...

Picture of the old railtrack in Swindon Left the disused railtrack parallel to the M4 motorway, now a popular footpath leading from Old Town to West Swindon. Also popular with joggers, I use it for my daily morning run.

Below two impressions from Swindon Town Gardens, a popular park in the west of Old Town. On the left a landscaped area with a little statue on the lawn, on the right an old bandstand now frequently used by visitors to a nearby cafe.

Picture of Town Gardens in Swindon Picture of the bandstand in Swindon Town Gardens
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