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Picture of Hill House View over the Firth of Clyde from Hill House
Western elevation of Hill HouseHill House in Helensburgh (approx 25 miles to the west of Glasgow) was built for the Glasgow publisher Walter Blackie 1902-1904. Above you see the south-western elevation, to the right a view of the western elevation seen through a "horseshoe" in the garden wall. Detail of Hill HouseAbove you see the reason for the name "Hill House": A lovely view over Helensburgh and the Firth of Clyde. To the left a detail of the south-eastern corner: The windows at the bottom belong to the dining room, above is a guest room.
Below you can see the eastern elevation of the building. At the ground floor is the "service wing" with the kitchen and wash house. The first and second floor house the children wing: The bay window on the left belongs to the day nursery while the other windows belong to the children's bedrooms. The large windows on the second floor belong to the school room.
Eastern elevation of Hill House
View into the drawing room of Hill HouseThe National Trust (who owns and maintains Hill House) doesn't allow you to take any pictures inside the house, so the only picture I have of the interiors is this view through the window of the drawing room. It's actually my favourite room in the building, the atmosphere and the light in it are just amazing. I can only recommend a visit so that you can see it yourself!