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When we passed the Isle of Lewis on our way to Oban the Chief Officer spotted the Endeavour heading towards Stornoway. This replica was built in Australia and on a world tour. It was quickly decided that we should try to meet with her. Below our approach to Stornoway with the Endeavour at the pier, to the right a larger picture of the Endeavour. Picture of the approach to Stornoway Picture of the tall ship Endeavour
Picture of an exhibition of living conditions on a tall ship As tall ship captains (and other tall ship crew members) probably all know each other quite well, we had the possibility of a guided tour of the Endeavour. Soon members of the volunteer crew were proudly showing us their ship, especially those parts which were designed as an exhibition. Space on a tall ship comes at a Picture of a tall man crawling on his knees in a low spacepremium, most of the decks are very low. The guy on the right I think is about 6 feet tall, not a good size for this type of ship... If you look carefully you will also notice that the "benches" also double up as a storage box
Picture of a group of visitors on the Endeavour

Above a group from the Malcolm Miller on their tour of the Endeavour. To the right an impression of the incredible rigging of the Endeavour

Picture of the rigging of the tall ship Endavour