The Armin Grewe Homepage
Picture of water washing along the railing Picture of a wave crashing, seen from a tall ship

It is very difficult to take pictures of waves, especially if you are on a ship right in them. I have tried anyway, the results are on this page. This is out on the Atlantic, somewhere half way between St. Kilda (Scotland) and the Faroe Islands.

And it was very wet and very cold. You were very glad when your watch was over and you could get under deck to warm up with a nice cup of tea...
Below a picture of the bow of the ship crashing into a wave. Now keep in mind that the bunks where we slept were just under the deck towards the bow of the ship. It wasn't exactly quiet down there, I can tell you. Not to mention trying to sleep in a "bed" that is constantly moving...

But it's still a great feeling to be out on the ocean, only the sea around you and the occasional seagull. I think we only saw two or three other ships during the three day passage. We sailed quite a bit of it, as you can see on the right.

Picture of spray coming over the bow of the ship
Picture of a tall ship leaning over under sails
That's me in one of the rare moments the sun came out on the outward bound journey. As you can see the wind was quite strong, at least judging from my hairstyle... A picture of Armin on the Malcolm Miller