The Armin Grewe Homepage
Picture of a view over Torshavn, a harbour town Picture of a tall ship in the harbour of Torshavn
Picture of a wooden house with a grass roof Picture of the Faroese parliament, a wooden building with a grass roof, flag pole on outsideTorshavn is the capital and largest town on the Faroe Islands. Above left a view over Torshavn from a viewpoint at the entrance to the harbour. Above right the Malcolm Miller in the harbour, with me in front of it. Just to prove we were there. Quite a few houses on the Faroes still have grass roofs. The one on the left is allegedly the oldest building on the Faroes, it now houses a museum and cultural centre. The building above is the Faroese parliament, probably the only parliament in the world with a grass roof.
Picture of large old walls with old cannons on top To the right some old cannons from an old fort. Probably not very effective any more. The Faroes have a certain "strategic" importance though: A lot of important fishing areas are quite close to it. While we were in Torshavn we met the crew of a Danish (The Faroes are associated with Denmark) fishery control boat. They ensure that regulations and agreed quotas are followed and that the area is not overfished.
Picture of a view out to the sea from a fort