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The Circus
Royal Crescent (below left and right) is the grandest of Bath's crescents. It consists of 30 houses with a spacious lawn in front of them. From Royal Crescent you have a nice view over parts of Bath and the hills on the other side of Bath (sorry, no picture available). No.1 Royal Crescent (at the corner to Brock Street) has been converted to a museum showing how the houses looked when they were originally built.
A lane off Brock Street between The Circus and Royal CrescentOur first stop on the way to the Museum of Costumer was The Circus (picture on the left). It consists of three crescents arranged in a circle around some (by now) very large trees. It was built in the early 18th century by the elder John Wood, although his son (also named John Wood) completed it. From The Circus Brock Street (on the right a lane off Brock Street) leads to Royal Crescent, the masterpiece of the younger John Wood.
Armin at the Royal Crescent Royal Crescent
The Assembly Rooms, which also house the Museum of Costume The Assembly Rooms (still used for various functions and events) also house the Museum of Costume. To protect the costumes from light (which destroys the fabric) it is not allowed to take any pictures in the museum, so we can't show any pictures here. Best visit it yourself and enjoy a very informative tour about the history of clothing from the late 16th century to today.
And with this our visit to Bath ends, as does my sisters visit to England.