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After all the sunshine the two days before, the luck with the weather left us on Saturday: It rained the whole morning. May be in preparation for the last competitive match at Wembley, the World Cup qualifier England -vs- Germany? We will never know as we still decided to miss the game and go to Oxford (In case you're interested: Germany won 1:0). As always we can't go to Oxford without visiting the bookshops: Below a picture of the Norrington Room at Blackwell's Bookshop.
Blackwells Bookshop
Imke in OxfordEarly in the afternoon it stayed dry enough to walk around Oxford a little bit. The picture on the right was taken near the Sheldonian Theatre, looking into the direction of the New College.
The way to the pubAfter a while it was time for a break. And as luck wanted it, we found the perfect place for a break: Down this lane (Bath Lane, off Hollywell Street) you'll find Turf Tavern. It's a small seventeenth century pub with a fine range of beers. A rather low door leading into the pub...
It seems not too many people were 6ft tall when the pub was built, judging from the height of it's door. And the rooms are not much higher either. But we enjoyed our stay and used the opportunity to write a few postcards (mainly to those friends or relatives without internet access).
Enjoying a pint in the pub A college (at least we think so)