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Picture of a view over a sea loch from a hill From Helensburgh where I visited Hill House I had two options travel on to Tarbert: Either crossing over to the A82 to travel along Loch Lomond or to take the A814 along Gare Loch and Loch Long. As I had already been at Loch Lomond several times I opted for the A814. And it was worth it.

On the left you can see Gare Loch with Garelochhead in the foreground. In the background you can just catch a glimpse of Greenock on the Firth of Clyde (difficult on this picture, better with a higher resolution and in clear weather). The road then follows Loch Long, it is a very nice drive, although be warned, the road is quite narrow in places and has lots of curves.

I don't remember how often I've passed this place, but every time I do it seems to rain. The name of the place? "Rest and be Thankful" on the A83 between Loch Lomond and Loch Fyne.

There is some history behind the name, although I must admit I can't remember it exactly. It has something to do with it being an old military road and being the summit of the pass I think. If I had to walk up the road I certainly would need a rest up a here and would be thankful for it...

Picture of a view into a glen (valley), clouds above and rain falling
Picture of a view into a glen (valley), sun breaking through As mentioned in the comment to the first picture, it always seems to rain when I pass "Rest and be Thankful". But with the constant weather changes during the day I thought I give it another try and rested for a while (at least I could sit in the dry inside the car).

And guess what happened: After about 10-15 minutes a few rays of sun came through and shortly after that the valley was lighted up by sunlight. It only lasted a few minutes, but at least for once I had seen it without rain.

Inveraray on Loch Fyne is always worth a stop on the way to Islay. Since I already stopped to visit most of the attractions on earlier visits and the weather wasn't that good anyway I only took a short break this time. On the right you can see the main road with the Loch Fyne Whisky shop on the left. If you have some time to spare I recommend a visit to the castle or to the jail. Picture of a street lined with whitewashed houses
Picture of Armin standing on a pier under a rainbow With the frequent change between torrential rain and bright sunshine it was only a matter of time until I would see a beautiful rainbow. Inveraray was the place where it finally happened.

It was pouring down with rain when suddenly a huge gap opened in the clouds and the sun came through. A beautiful, half circle rainbow appeared over Loch Fyne in perfect view from the pier of Inveraray. On the left you can see me under (part of) the rainbow.

As the ferry to Islay was leaving at 7:15 the next morning I needed a hotel as close as possible to the ferry terminal at Kennacraig. I found it in the West Loch Hotel (by Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll PA29 6YF; Tel: +44-(0)1880-820283), which is well prepared for visitors planning to take the early morning ferry.

They also have a nice restaurant and several bars. I had a very nice Chicken filled with Haggis, a good preparation for a wet and stormy day ahead...

Picture of the West Loch Hotel

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