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After crossing the border to Scotland I decided to have a look at Robert Burns country and left the motorway. Passing through Gretna Green (famous for being the first town north of the border and having been a place where getting married was much easier than south of the border), which is very touristic, I made my way to Dumfries. Dumfries is mainly known for it's connection to the poet Robert Burns and hosts the Robert Burns Centre.
Picture of a river and an old bridge
Devorgilla Bridge over the River Nith in Dumfries
Picture of an old house
The Old Bridge House which now is converted into a museum of life in Dumfries
Picture of an old stereoscope
An old stereoscope for 3D pictures. The times before the internet with 3D plug-ins...
Picture of a large house, seen over a river
The Robert Burns Centre in Dumfries with an exhibition about the life and times of Robert Burns.
Picture of a puppet depicting Robert Burns sitting on a cask
Is this how Robert Burns looked?
Picture of an old red brick house, home to Robert Burns in the 18th century
Robert Burns moved to this house in 1793 with his family and died here on 21 July 1796. It is now a museum
Finally it was time to make my way to Glasgow. Driving up the M74 is quite nice, I found the area impressing. After managing to find my way through the one-way street system of Glasgow town centre I arrived at the Willow Hotel, which is only two minutes walk from the Glasgow School of Art.
On the M74 on the way to Glasgow
The Willow Hotel in GlasgowI stayed at the Willow Hotel (228 Renfrew Street, Glasgow; Tel. +44-141-332 2332) when I'm in Glasgow. The rooms are fairly small, but excellent value for money, especially considering the location in Town Centre. One word of warning: If you arrive by car make sure you display a parking permit, otherwise you'll receive a ticket very quickly.

Having arrived in Glasgow it was time for some shopping, visiting Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings and a football match...

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