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Picture of Imke standing in the rain in front of Elgin cathedral Picture of Elgin cathedral and cemetery in the rain
Picture of statues in the Biblical Garden in ElginUnfortunately the Saturday turned out to be rather wet. Our first stop was Elgin, where we took a quick look at the cathedral (above) and the biblical garden (left, showing biblical scenes). Our second stop was Brodie Castle near Nairn. Due to the rain (I'm trying to keep my camera dry in the picture on the right) we didn't spend much time outside (although the grounds are supposed to be very nice). But Picture of Armin standing under trees in front of Brodie Castle
we were compensated by the lovely interiors. We couldn't take any pictures inside, so you have to be content with the outside (below left). As our next destination was Culloden we drove on to Inverness, where we stayed in the Royston Guest House (below right).
Picture of Brodie Castle Picture of Royston Guest House in Inverness, Armin and his car standing in front of it
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