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Picture of a glen with hills shrouded in clouds Having visited Trotternish in the north on our first day on Skye and planning our way towards Glasgow we decided to visit an area in the southern part of Skye on our second day. The road to Elgol was described as one of the most dramatic on Skye in my guide book, so we gave it a go.

Unfortunately the weather decided not to cooperate with our plans: It rained for most of the time. From what we could see the guide book seemed to be right though: The view on the left must be even better in good weather. And the view in Elgol must be great on a clear day, unfortunately the only view we had was into the clouds and rain. Somewhere behind the clouds in the picture on the right below are the Cuillins, the mountains you can see from everywhere on Skye on a clear day...

Picture of a view down to a pier, the sea behind it hidden in rain and cloud Picture of a view over the sea with the bottom of a mountain range just visible under clouds
Having returned from Elgol we decided to begin the journey back towards Glasgow, especially as we were planning to visit Glenfinnan, Glen Nevis and Glencoe the next day. We had some torrential rain on the way, but at one of the best viewpoints the weather decided to be friendly and the clouds briefly let some sun through:

To the right and below a few impressions of the view over Loch Garry. That's me on the right, taking a picture of the view over Loch Garry. Below right you can see the clouds moving in for the next shower, we just managed to take our pictures before it started again...

Picture of Armin taking a picture of a loch
Picture of a loch (lake) seen through some trees Picture of a loch (lake) with clouds and rain moving in
We decided to use Fort William as the base for the next day. We found a bed & breakfast with the Banavie Guest House before looking for something to eat in Fort William. I don't think too much of Fort William, some of the architectural sins there are unbelievable. Most of the restaurants were not very convincing either, but the Grog & Gruel serves some really nice food, especially pasta and Mexican dishes.
Banavie Guest House near Fort William
The mascot of the Grog & Gruel

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