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Our third stop on our day of the glens (Glenfinnan, Glen Nevis and Glencoe) was Glen Nevis, the glen around Ben Nevis. Due to the clouds we couldn't see much of Ben Nevis and as we hadn't planned to hike up to the summit we decided to just walk in the glen. A very nice low-level walk runs from the end of the road at the top of the glen. You don't need much equipment, but sturdy
Picture of a glen with a large boulder in view, low clouds above
Picture of a view into a gorge, water rushing over rocks and bouldersshoes are an absolute must as the path is quite rocky and wet in places. After passing several smaller waterfalls the path leads through a quite dramatic gorge (right). It then opens into a beautiful hanging valley with the impressive waterfall of Steall Falls at the end (pictures below left and right)
Picture of a glen (valley) with a waterfall at the end and a wide river flowing through it, low clouds above Picture of Armin in the glen with a waterfall behind him
Picture of a three cable bridge, Armin standing on the bridge
A very simple bridge crosses the river, it just consists out of three thick cables. One to walk on and two to keep your balance (picture on the left). Nice views over River Nevis and Glen Nevis are in various places (picture right as an example)
Picture of a river flowing through a glen
Picture of a glen with some sun breaking through, but low clouds above Picture of a road through a glen, some blue sky above
Our final glen was Glencoe. Beautiful scenery and bloody history: In 1692 38 members of the Macdonald clan were slaughtered by
Picture of a wide view over a bleak landscape, Rannoch Moor King William' soldiers in the Massacre of Glencoe. Hard to believe when you drive through this tranquil glen now...
Picture of a view over a loch (lake), mountains in the background

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