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Armin on a beach on Islay End of June 2001, 2 days before my sisters and my holidays in Scotland July 2001. The planning is almost complete. What's the big deal? Well, I live in Swindon/England, my sister in Heidelberg/Germany. I'm going on my annual visit to the Isle of Islay on the west coast, my sister is going to do some horse riding in Banffshire in the east of Scotland. And after that we will meet for a week together.
Below a map of how we plan to travel... The red line is my route, the green my sisters route and the yellow line our route travelling together (roughly, we might change our plans slightly depending on the weather and room availability).
Imke on a horse
Move your mouse over the map for more information, some links to previous visits or other pages are there...
The Tomintoul and Glenlivet region The Isle of Islay Sorry, there's nothing in this corner.... This is England, not topic of this page The guys I got this map from Glasgow. We'll spend at least a day here. Some pictures from my visit in 2000 The Isle of Skye, some pictures from a previous visit

Detailed itinerary (Sorry, internal only for the time being, requires password). Expect the full report with lots of pictures some time mid to end July.

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