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Picture of the Old Man of Storr in the distance Picture of a view towards Portree from the Old Man of Storr, low clouds above
Picture of the path up to the Old Man of StorrOur first day on the Isle of Skye was a busy one, we took so many pictures I have to spread them over two pages. We started our tour around the Trotternish Peninsula at the Old Man of Storr. You can see it's distinctive column from quite a distance, even on a hazy day like we had. -> Picture of the Old Man of Storr, a rock columnAs it was quite hazy and the clouds were hanging low we couldn't see very far, but the view was still very nice (above right). Imke didn't go all the way up, allowing her to take a picture of the path up (If you look very closely, the little orange spot in the centre of the picture to the left is me). To the right a closer look at the Old Man of Storr.
Picture of a waterfall going into a gorgeOur next stop was Lealt Falls (picture on the left). We didn't spend too much time here though, but moved on to the next waterfall at Kilt Rock (picture on the right). It is approx 300ft high, a quite spectacular sight. The tube-like basaltic columns -> Picture of a waterfall going over cliffs into the seaof the cliffs are home to quite a lot of birds. Imke managed to catch one on picture in mid flight (below left). On a day with better weather you can have a nice picknick here, we had to give it a miss due to the weather (although other people were still heating up their soup on a camping-stove).
Picture of a bird in mid flight Picture of the high sea cliffs at Kilt Rock

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