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Picture of The Willow Hotel in Renfrew Street, Glasgow Picture of Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow in the evening with christmas lightsI left Swindon on Friday morning and after about 6 hours arrived in Glasgow late in the afternoon. I usually stay in the Willow Hotel in Renfrew Street (near the Glasgow School of Art), as it is close to the town centre. I did the same again this time, although the picture wasn't taken on Friday afternoon. After checking in I went to Sauchiehall Street (pictured above) to start my Christmas shopping. Henderson's Jewellers in the building housing the Cranston Tea Room and the book shops were some of my stations.
Picture of the ice rink on George Square in the evening Picture of colourful Christmas lights at George Square in GlasgowMy next stop was George Square in the centre of Glasgow. It was decorated with a lot of lights and the City Chambers were lit in various colours. The column with the statue of Sir Walter Scott was also covered with lights. But the main attraction was the open air ice rink from "Glasgow on Ice": Lots of people were putting their skating skills to the test. Some very nervous holding to the rail, others showing their tricks with a lot of confidence.
Attractions from the fairground reflect on the ice The ice rink on George SquareAround it you could visit various rides on a fairground, buy presents or enjoy a drink in a cafe. Or just watch the skaters on the ice, which is what I did. I didn't trust my own skills on skates, so didn't try it myself as I wanted to keep my limbs intact for the hill walking I had planned for the next days. After a last pint in a pub on the way back to the hotel I went to bed to get some sleep for the next day.

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