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Picture of a view over Loch Gruinart
After a good nights sleep it was time to get out, especially considering the fantastic weather. My main destination for my first day on Islay was Ardnave with its dunes. Having arrived at Ardnave I first enjoyed the beautiful view over Loch Gruinart towards Killinallan. Passing Ardnave Loch I spotted two hares running through the dunes. I managed to get quite close to them and take the pictures right and below. One of them seemed to be a bit more cautious and had its ears down most of the time, possibly trying to hide. The other one was more active and was scouting the area with its ears listening to the various sounds.
Picture of 2 hares
From Ardnave Loch I continued towards Ardnave Point, from where you have a good view over to Nave Island:
Picture of a hare
Picture of Ardnave Point and Nave Island
Nave Island used to be populated as far as I know, however, today only the ruins of the chapel remain.
Picture of the chapel ruin on Nave Island
Picture of beach and dunes
As I had some time left in the afternoon I decided to drive to Portnahaven via Kilchiaran. At both places I took panorama pictures, which you can find on my Isle of Islay 360° Quicktime VR Panoramas page
Picture of Kilchiaran Bay Picture of Portnahaven
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