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A visit to Islay wouldn't be complete without a visit to a distillery. I had visited them before and knew of their excellent distillery tours, so I took my mother to Bruichladdich. The tour was excellent, among other things we saw a lot of casks and the new bottling facility:
Picture of Bruichladdich casks Picture of activities in the bottling facility
Picture of Armin at the Singing Sands After the distillery tour we drove over to the other side of Islay, where we wanted to visit the Singing Sands and surrounding areas. The weather wasn't very good any more, nevertheless we decided to give it a try. We made it to the Singing Sands where we spent a couple of minutes taking pictures and just watching the waves breaking.
After a while we continued along the coast, but then the rain started to grow stronger again. We decided to call it a day and returned to the car, only to reach the car just before a torrential downpour set in. Good timing!
Picture of Jutta at the Singing Sands Picture of the Singing Sands
When we were approaching Port Charlotte the weather decided to change again and it started to clear up a bit again. So we decided to change our plans as well and drove to Portnahaven via Kilchiaran. Stopping near Ben Cladville the view southwest is quite impressive, with both Port Wemyss and Portnahaven visible in front of the lighthouse on Orsay. From Portnahaven we continued to the twin village of Port Wemyss to enjoy the view over to the Rhinns of Islay lighthouse on Orsay.
Picture of the view southwest from the Rhinns Picture of the lighthouse on Orsay
Picture of Port Wemyss
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