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After a huge breakfast at the Dunain Park Hotel we were ready for some more walking. Our destination for the day was Glen Affric, in particular the Glen Affric Caledonian Forest Reserve.
Picture of a path through woodland
Our first stop was Plodda Falls, where we went on the Tweedmouth Walk (Lord Tweedmouth owned the estate in the late 19th century). Among others we saw some magnificient Douglas Fir and European larch trees.Picture of a river ford Leaving from the parking area the path leads through some beautiful woodlands and a variety of trees. Near Plodda Cottage the woodland opens up giving a nice view over a clearing from the old carriage drive and into the distance. Following the old carriage drive you reach the river ford through Abhainn Deabhag. From here it is not far any more to the Plodda Falls.
Picture of a clearing in the woods
Picture of a waterfall
Picture of a view down the waterfall
Picture of us at Plodda Falls
When we arrived at Plodda Falls it was time for a tourist picture: us in front of the waterfall. Due to the dry weather there was only a fraction of the water coming down than at other times, nevertheless we found it quite impressive. The tree behind us is the same as in the picture on the left, it is not bent (at least not as much) in reality, this is due to some distortion in the panorama I had to take to capture the whole waterfall.
We then walked up to the bridge over the waterfall, from where we had another impressive view down the waterfall (see the picture below left).
During the walk we also saw a lot of butterflies, I managed to take a few pictures using the macro function of my camera. One example below:
Picture of a butterfly
Around lunchtime we arrived at the car again. After a quick lunch we left to drive further into Glen Affric. Past Tomich we drove towards Fasnakyle Power Station,Picture of a bridge where a beautiful bridge crosses the River Glass. We crossed the bridge before turning left again to drive along River Affric further into Glen Affric.
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