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After a relaxing afternoon it was time for the dusk walk. As the description had been quite mysterious ("Do not be late, and expect the unexpected.....") we thought it might be a good idea to have a good dinner at the restaurant of the Port Charlotte before leaving for the walk. The dinner was excellent and soon after we went over to the Islay Wildlife Centre to meet the other walkers as well as Carl Reavey and James Brown, who would be our walk leaders for the evening.
Picture of walkers with Port Charlotte in the background Walkers approaching Port Charlotte lighthouse, the Paps of Jura in the background
Picture of James Brown climbing over a fenceWe had a wee dram in celebration of my birthday and then we were off.
Out of Port Charlotte and along the shore we made our way to the Port Charlotte Lighthouse, looking over to the Paps of Jura on the horizon. Next we turned inland to make our way up Octomore Hill. From here we had a nice view over Loch Indaal before continuing into the darkness...
Picture of walkers on their way up Octomore Hill
Picture of the view over Port Charlotte from Octomore Hill in the dusk Picture of walkers walking into the darkness
With the light failing quickly we continued towards the Octomore Well, which supplies water for the Bruichladdich Distillery. Mysteriously a bottle of Bruichladdich suddenly appeared and we enjoyed another wee dram (or just some fresh water from the well for the drivers). We then made our way up the hill to the Kilchiaran - Port Charlotte road to return to Port Charlotte, where most went to the pub of the Port Charlotte Hotel for a pint and to discuss the walking week so far.
Picture of people around the Octomore Well Picture of walkers in the darkness
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