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After a fantastic week on Islay we had to return to Swindon. Together with a lot of the other walkers we took the morning ferry from Port Ellen back to Kennacraig on Saturday morning. It was fairly cloudy, so we didn't take any pictures during the ferry crossing.
Picture of a path at Crarae GardenOur first stop on the way through Argyll was Crarae Garden. Here we had a very nice walk along the narrow glen/gorge with its burn and the colourful rhododendrons.
As it was still quite cloudy it was difficult to take pictures of the garden and the views, so I tried to take pictures of the rhododendrons instead, I hope you like the results.
Picture of a red rhododendron
Picture of a white rhododendron Picture of a purple rhododendron
Picture of Crarae BurnWe walked up on one side of the burn and returned on the other side, crossing it using one of the bridges. There are several waterfalls, unfortunately none of the pictures came out well enough.
To prove that we were there I used the timer of the camera and the railing of a viewing platform for a self portrait, that's me and my mother on the right.
Picture of us on a viewing platform
After lunch in the picnic area of Crarae Garden we continued along Loch Fyne, past Rest and be Thankful and on to Loch Lomond. At Loch Lomond it was time to stretch our legs again with a short walk along the shore. As the weather was still quite cloudy we soon drove on to Carlisle, where we stayed over night.

On Sunday we took a detour to Birch Vale near Stockport, where we visited the family I had stayed with during a school exchange more than 20 years ago. We had a very nice lunch talking about old times and tea in their garden overlooking the beautiful valley behind their house before it was time to return to Swindon.

Monday morning it was time for my mother and me to say good bye, when my mother flew back to Germany. And with that this travelogues concludes, I hope you enjoyed following us through the week.

Picture of Loch Lomond Picture of a view in Birch Vale
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