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Picture of a staircase at Scotland Street SchoolPicture of a detail from the facade of the back of the buildingAll too soon the last day of our holiday had arrived. We had breakfast, finished the packing and loaded our luggage into the car. Then we left for Scotland Street School, the second Charles Rennie Mackintosh building we were going to visit.

The school was built in 1903-1906 and opened on the 15th of August 1906. It closed in 1979 when the catchment area changed due to the construction of the M8 and the demolition of the tenement flats after the residents had been relocated to the new towns around Glasgow. In 1990 it was reopened as a school museum. Classrooms from various periods can be visited as well as exhibitions about Mackintosh and the history of the school.

Picture of one the classrooms with period furniture Picture of the front of Scotland Street School
Around lunchtime I dropped my sister off at Glasgow Airport. She checked in and then sat down in the departure lodge, where she worked on her travel diary while waiting for her flight to leave. For me it was time to start the long drive down to Swindon. Traffic wasn't too bad, although I had to get through the odd traffic. Late in the evening both of us arrived at our respective homes.
Picture of traffic congestion on the motorway Picture of people boarding a plane

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