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Walk 7
  • Description: From Ardtalla to the summit of Beinn Bheigier
  • Walk leader: Calum Sharp
  • Distance: approx 6-7 miles
  • Weather: hazy sunshine
  • Participants: approx 15

After the great views on Jura we were hoping for similar weather this walk, a walk up to the summit of the highest hill on Islay. Unfortunately our hopes weren't entirely fulfilled: While it was still sunny, it was quite hazy. We met with Calum Sharp at Ardtalla, our starting point for this walk.

Picture of walkers walking up the hill from Ardtalla
Picture of walkers near Beinn Bheigier Initially we followed the same route as during our walk to Proaig during WalkIslay 2004 before turning left and walking towards Beinn Bheigier. Once we had gained some height we turned north east to walk around the hill towards Bealach Corrach.

We had good views over to Proaig and Carraig an Ràtha with McArthur's Head behind it. Once we started the final steep climb to the summit Jura started to show behind the hills in the north east of Beinn Bheigier.

After approx 2hrs we arrived at the summit of Beinn Bheigier, the obligatory pictures at the trig point were taken before it was time for a well earned lunch break. Below you can see me at the trig point, Jura in the haze in the background.

Picture of walkers climbing up Beinn Bheigier Picture of Armin at the trig point on Beinn Bheigier
Despite the haze the views from the summit were still impressive. Pictures and even panoramas don't really do it justice, unfortunately the panorama didn't come out as well as I had hoped. Nevertheless here is a QuickTime VR panorama of the view north and east from Beinn Bheigier:
Picture of a panoramic view from Beinn Bheigier
Then it was time to leave again: We took a different route on our way back, walking over to the lower summit of Beinn Bheigier in the south east. It was a fairly steep descent down the south eastern flank towards Ardtalla, but we were compensated by more great views over Ardtalla, Tràigh Bhàn and Claggain Bay.
Picture of walkers leaving the summit of Beinn Bheigier Picture of walkers over Ardtalla
On a clearer day the view would have been even better, but even on this hazy day I was impressed by the view over Proaig, Ardtalla and Claggain Bay. Here is a QuickTime VR panorama of the view over Ardtalla:
Picture of a panoramic view over Ardtalla
Joining the path from Proaig again we returned to Ardtalla in the afternoon after just over 4 hours out on the hill. A very nice walk, well worth repeating on a clear day with even better views.

On the way back to Port Ellen we stopped at Loch an t-Sàilein near Ardbeg, where we used the opportunity to take pictures of the large seal colony resident here. The seals were enjoying the mild spring sun, I didn't count them but think probably about 30 were lying on the various rocks.

Picture of seals basking in the sun

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