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A panorama of a view over Coire Leachavie from Màm Sodhail. The view is from just below the summit of Màm Sodhail (1181m, thirteen highest mountain in Britain) looking east. From left to right the following can be seen:

On the far left the mountains on the north of Gleann nam Fiadh including Tom a' Chònich. Right in front you can make out the path leading down the ridge to Mullach Cadha Rainich (996m) and further out Sgurr na Lapaich (1036m, note this is not the Munro of the same name, which is further north). Then Coire Leachavie comes into view, Allt Coire Leachavie running down into Loch Affric. The part of Loch Affric you can see is towards the western half of the loch. Then An Tudair (1074m) comes into view on the south western side of Coire Leachavie. Just behind it is Coire Coulavie, Gleann na Cìche in the distance. Creag Coire nan Each (1055m) slightly further towards the right but much closer on the other side of Coire Coulavie. And on the far right the clouds are coming in behind us...

You can navigate by pointing your mouse over the panorama and moving it while pressing the mouse button. You can zoom in/out with the +/- controls just under the panorama.

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