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A panorama of a view south west from the slopes of Beinn Narnain (926m), approx 700m high at this viewpoint. On the right Ben Lomond (974m) in the distance behind Loch Lomond. Just below Arrochar at the top of Loch Long, Ben Reoch (661m) behind it. Loch Long then stretches out south west until it reaches the Firth of Clyde in the distance. On the western coast you can Ardgartan with the camp ground jutting out into the loch, this is also where the A83 turns into Glen Croe (behind the hills just in front). Just below Allt a' Bhalachain (Buttercup Burn) flows down, the footpath to The Cobbler follows it for a long time. Then on the right the famous silhouette of The Cobbler (Ben Arthur, 858m) comes into view. On the far right a little bit of Beinn Narnain.

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