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Picture of a room with settees and chairs After the fairly long walk to Proaig and McArthur's Head the previous day the weather during my third day on Islay wasn't entirely unwelcome: It was pouring with rain. This almost forced me to take it easy and relax.

A lazy morning with a late breakfast followed by sitting down in the comfortable lounge was on the agenda for the day. I finished reading Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, a fascinating read.

Around lunchtime I decided to get out a bit despite the weather. First I drove to Islay Ales to order the beer I was going to take home with me. Then I drove to Persabus for lunch.

Picture of a white building with a sign pottery Picture of a man looking at pottery on shelves
Picture of dark clouds over a green hilly landscape The pottery is always worth a visit. Arra and Iomhor Fletcher create a variety of very nice products. The showroom also offers an informal cafe with homemade cakes and shortbread. I spent some time here, looking at their latest new products, having a chat with the brothers and eating a very nice chocolate cake.

Later in the afternoon I returned to Port Charlotte, picking up some newspapers on the way. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the hotel, out of curiosity I visited an open day by the Islay Learning Centre (part of Argyll College) before reading the newspapers I had bought earlier.

The evening brought dinner and live music at the pub before going to bed, hoping for better weather the next day.

Picture of a rainy street seen through a window Picture of garden overlooking the sea in the rain

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