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Looking for things to view on the way to Ullapool I noticed the sign for Rogie Falls from the A835 just north of Contin and decided to take a look. It turned out to be an excellent decision:

From the car park a short walk leads to a viewpoint over River Blackwater and the gorge with Rogie Falls. The path then leads to the suspension bridge over the gorge with even better views of the waterfall.

Picture of the gorge with Rogie Falls
Picture of Rogie Falls from the suspension bridge
Looking the other way from the suspension bridge you can see River Blackwater flowing down the gorge, some people were sitting on the rocks enjoying the sun and children were playing at the river. Then it was time for a closer look at the waterfall. Initially it just looked like a normal waterfall...
Picture of River Blackwater from the suspension bridge Picture of the waterfall
But then I looked a little bit closer and spotted the salmon trying to leap up the waterfall. While there is a fish ladder next to the waterfall (not visible in the pictures above), this doesn't stop the salmon trying to leap up the waterfall. May be the like the sporting challenge?

Using my strongest lense I managed to capture a few pictures of the salmon leaping, the pictures here are the best I managed to take. As everything happens very quickly and I don't often take action pictures this is as good as it gets.

The pictures don't really do it justice in any case, seeing the salmon jumping yourself is amazing. If you get a chance to visit Rogie Falls (or any other place where Salmon live and migrate) I recommend visiting and viewing it.

Picture of a salmon leaping up the waterfall
Picture of a salmon leaping Picture of a salmon leaping up the waterfall
After a nice break at Rogie Falls it was time to tackle the final 60 miles of my drive north. The A835 to Ullapool allowed for some impressive views of wide landscapes while allowing some decent speeds. On arriving in Ullapool I decided to drive straight on, as it was getting late. While still a good road a number of tight bends make the road much slower.

Soon the silhouettes of Stac Pollaidh, Suilven and Canisp came into view and around 19:30 I arrived at the Inchnadamph Hotel. A short walk before the midges became too busy with a good view of the hotel and my planned destination for the next day, Conival. Then it was time for dinner at the hotel bar before I went to bed for an early night.

Picture of the Inchnadamph Hotel with Conival in the background

No map is required for this walk, the path is well maintained and signposted. The car park is signposted from the A835.

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