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Picture of the mountain called Stac Pollaidh
Picture of a cairn on a hill with a view over the sea and islands behind it
After three days in Assynt I started to travel south again, my destination for the day was Drumnadrochit at Loch Ness. But before I left I decided to take a look at the Summer Isles and also Stac Pollaidh. Driving south towards Ullapool I turned off on to the road to Achilitibuie.

After a few miles Stac Pollaidh (also known as Stack Polly, 613m/2011ft) came into view next to Loch Lugainn. The weather didn't look too promising and I didn't have enough time, so I decided to not climb it this visit. But it's certainly something to do during another visit.

At the road junction near Achnahaird I decided to turn right towards Rubha Mòr, which turned out to be an excellent decision. Driving over the hills near Altandhu I noticed a small sign 'viewpoint', where I then stopped.

A short walk up a hill (Cnoc Breac) presented me with an amazing view over the Summer Isles. Despite the quite cloudy weather all the islands were clearly visible, with some difficulty I could even make out Harris and Lewis on the horizon.

I stayed for a while just enjoying the view and identifying the islands (there is a display with the names, some history of the islands as well as wildlife information). At one point the ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway on Lewis passed through.

For a better view you can try the QTVR panorama of the view over the Summer Isles (2MB download).

Picture of a large number of islands and islets in the sea

By now it was lunchtime, after returning to the main road I drove on to Ullapool. Where to get some lunch? I had forgotten to check my notes in the morning, so I couldn't use the exact recommendations for a good pub, but I remembered something about 'harbour front' and 'youth hostel'. Walking along Shore Street I passed the youth hostel and then arrived at the Ferry Boat Inn. Hoping this was the right place (it was) I went in and ordered a pint and a bar lunch. Both turned out to be very nice.

Picture of fishing boats in a harbour Picture of a pub
Picture of a view over a glen with a sea loch at the end Feeling refreshed after lunch I wanted to do some more sightseeing before driving down to Loch Ness. I had a quick look around Ullapool and then left for Corrieshalloch Gorge near Braemore Junction.

This is where I ran into a slight problem: I couldn't find it, there was no sign to be seen anywhere indicating the path to it! I found a layby with a nice view back to Loch Broom, but no gorge.

Driving back towards Braemore Junction I finally noticed a note pinned to a fence at a layby. It turned out the bridge over Corrieshalloch Gorge was closed as it was structurally unsafe. I was able to catch a glimpse of the bridge, then I decided to drive on to Drumnadrochit.

Picture of a note on a board Picture of a bridge over a gorge
Picture of a house Early in the evening I arrived at Arden Lodge in East Lewiston, Drumnadrochit. Sue and Dennis Day run this newly opened Bed & Breakfast close to Loch Ness. After a friendly welcome and ordering breakfast I went to my room to relax and get some sleep for the long walk I had planned for the next day.

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