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Picture of a walk leader explaining the walk to a group of walkers Friday evening, a week after I had arrived the last walk of the Islay Walking Week 2007. We met at the new car park for Bridgend Woods, Keith Findlay would be our guide for a short walk through the woods. Keith gave an overview of the history of the woods, then we set off for the walk.

The walk took us along the River Sorn, out to Daill and then to the Islay Woollen Mill. Keith gave us further explanations of a variety of buildings and locations on the way. We returned to Bridgend via the Claggan Strip, arriving back after two hours.

Then it was time for food and drink: We had soup and sandwiches at the Bridgend Hotel. Most of us then stayed on for a few drinks and some nice chats at the bar before it was time to say our good byes. Luckily I only had to cross the road to Sornbank to get to bed.
Picture of walkers on a track near a wood Picture of a group of walkers walking on a newly created track through some woods
Picture of a ferry at a pier, taken from another ferry The next morning I tidied the flat and packed my bags before saying good bye to a few more people and completing some shopping (stocking up on Islay Ales). In the afternoon I drove to Port Ellen to catch the ferry to Kennacraig. The departure was made easier by the weather, it was quite damp and grey, only very occasional hazy sunshine.

I stayed in Arrochar for the night, the weather the next morning making it even easier to leave Scotland: It was very dark and damp with frequent rain when I drove down the motorway into England.

Late in the afternoon I arrived back in Swindon after a great Islay Walking Week 2007. See you again in 2008?
Picture of a cloudy and rainy sea loch Picture of a 'Welcome to England' motorway sign in the rain
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