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Picture of a large old building with a river running past it Friday, the last day with the whole family. After the early start the previous day and because it was fairly cloudy during the morning we took our time in the morning. Around lunchtime it started to clear up and we left for Bridgend.

After some quick shopping our first stop was at the Islay Woollen Mill. Gordon gave my parents and sister a quick guided tour of the old original machines still in use. After the Woollen Mill we went for a walk through Bridgend Woods, crossing the River Sorn on the way.

During the walk we saw some deer very close to the path, unfortunately they ran away too quick to take any nice pictures. Where there are deer some other, much smaller, animals aren't too far: ticks. After the walk we had a to pick a few ticks from our clothes and legs, luckily none had bitten yet.
Picture of old weaving looms Picture of a river flowing through a forest
Picture of a worker with a blowtorch, creating lots of sparksPicture of workers dismantling an old pierThrough Ballygrant we drove north east, to Persabus. We stopped at Persabus Pottery, where we looked at the pottery and had hoped for some tea and homebaked cake. Unfortunately none was available that afternoon.

As we were in the area we drove down to Port Askaig instead to take a look at the progress of the building work at Port Askaig pier. Work was under way to demolish the old Jura ferry pier to be able to replace it with a new pier. Lots of sparks were flying where they were working with a blowtorch.

At the other end they were busy trying to lift out a part of the old pier structure, but it looked like it wasn't going to plan and they were struggling. One of the girders just didn't want to come off!

But after a lot of twisting it finally snapped off and came free.
Picture of a crane lifting a part of an old pier Picture of a crane lifting a part of an old pier, several girders welded together
Picture of a RNLI lifeboat at its mooring and a small ferry in the background We also had a quick look at the RNLI Islay station, the Helmut Schroder of Dunlossit II as the Islay lifeboat was moored just below. Now we had seen enough in Port Askaig, time to move on to the next place I wanted to show my parents:

A short drive took us over to Finlaggan, the former home of the Lords of the Isles. My sister had seen it before, but only in pouring rain. For my parents it was their first visit.

Walking down towards Eilean Mór we noticed two things: First the sun was finally starting to break through, providing some nice light at times. Second a group of anglers lining the northern shore of Loch Finlaggan. Unfortunately I don't know if it was some kind of competition or just a group of anglers following their hobby together.
Picture of anglers standing on the shore of a loch (lake) Picture of a view over an island with the ruin of a building over to another small island
Picture of the ruins of a building, graveslabs sheltered by glass panes inside We had a good look around Eilean Mór and its various buildings, enjoying the mild sunshine and the nice light it provided. Eilean na Comhairle was nicely visible a short distance away further south, the remains of a causeway leading towards it.

The carved graveslabs stored in one of the buildings also received a good look. They are now covered by glass panes to help protecting them from the elements.

Early in the evening we drove over to Port Charlotte, where we had our dinner at the bar of the Port Charlotte Hotel. Later we drove back to Kilchoman, where we spent the rest of the evening in front of a nice open fire in the fireplace.
Picture of ancient graveslabs sheltered by glass panes Picture of an island in a loch (lake) with the ruins of a few buildings
If you are interested in more information about Islay, Colonsay and Jura you might also be interested in my Isle of Islay pages. There you will find many more pictures and further information about Islay, Jura and Colonsay.

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