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Picture of a loch (lake) with the sun breaking through clouds above Thursday turned out to be a rather grey, rainy and dull day. Having returned fairly late the previous day I got up quite late and took my time. As it was so dull anyway I wasn't in a particular hurry to go anywhere.

I spent some time over at Ian and Margaret who run Kilchoman House Cottages. We had a nice chat and tea. At one point Gordon Yates, a wildlife photographer, arrived. He spoke about his latest work and his plans during this visit to Islay.

Late in the afternoon I drove over to Bruichladdich for some quick shopping at Debbie's, I had to get some milk and bread. Despite the grey and dull weather I had taken my camera with me, which turned out to be a wise decision.
Picture of a loch (lake) with the sea in the background, a bird flying past I hadn't really expected any good photo opportunities, but when I drove back to Kilchoman the clouds started to break up and the sun briefly came through. The hazy sunlight looked very nice over Loch Gorm with Saligo Bay in the distance. The water on Loch Gorm was very calm and flat, almost undisturbed.

Looking north I could see the hills at Sanaigmore, where I had walked the previous day. Carnduncan had some nice sunshine, at least for a moment. A magical moment.

The evening was spent at the cottage, where I lit a fire in the fireplace again. Later in the evening the rain returned, a good or a bad sign for my last day on Islay for this visit?
Picture of a view to some hills in the distance, sun breaking up after earlier rain Picture of a small settlement (Carnduncan on Islay) lit up by the sun breaking through
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