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Bowood House - Front Bowood House - View from the Terrace
Bowood House - LibraryBowood House near Calne/Wiltshire is the family home of The Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne. Above two views of the front of the house with the terraced rose garden. In the house you can visit various exhibitions of pictures, costumes and silver. To the left an impression of the Adam Library, which holds over 5000 books. Statue of DorotheaThe Sculpture Gallery contains several classical and 19th century marbles. To the right is the statue of "Dorothea", made by the sculptor John Bell in 1844.

Bowood House lies in a beautiful park and garden, please scroll down for a few impressions.

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View towards Bowood House over the lake View over the lake
The Cascade WaterfallBowood Gardens were designed by "Capability" Brown, with sloping lawns stretching to a long tranquil lake. The two pictures above show the lake from opposite sides: Left a view over the lake towards the House, right a view from the House over the lake with the Doric Temple just right of the centre (between the two trees). Interesting way to shape trees...On the left the Cascade Waterfall, flowing down from the lake through some artificial caves. On the right an interesting way to shape trees. I'm not sure if this construction has any purpose, at least it doesn't seem to lead anywhere specific. But it looks nice and is fun to walk through.
The Arboretum A yellow lawn...
If you like the pictures on this page, you might also be interested in a visit to Bowood Rhododendron Walks. It belongs to the Bowood Estate, but is a separate garden approx 3 miles from the House.