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Red blossomBowood Rhododendron Gardens (or Bowood Rhododendron Walks as it also known) belongs to Bowood House and Gardens, although it is in a separate 60 acre garden approx 3 miles from the House. It is only open during the flowering season from late April to early June. These pictures were taken in late May 2001, already quite late for parts of the gardens. The pictures on this page can only give a short impression of the Kennels Lodge
amazing wealth of colours in the gardens. Above Kennel's Lodge at the entrance to the gardens, grouped around this text three of the plants in full bloom. The third row then contains two views from the Mausoleum (left and right), in the centre a footpath through the gardens. The ground is covered by bluebells while azaleas and rhododendrons provide even more colours.
White Orange, yellow and green
View from the MausoleumBeautiful pathA farm on the estate