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A Brougham of 1838One of the hangars is mainly dedicated to road transport over the centuries. I can only show you a very small part of all the different vehicles on show. Apart from what you see on the pictures here there are also bicycles and motor bikes including a wooden Hobbyhorse of 1818 or the first motor bikes with steam engines. To the left a picture of the original Brougham coach of 1838 as an example of a horse-drawn vehicle. These A Renault Cabwere replace by motor powered vehicles like the Renault Cab you can see on the right. The collection also include an East German Trabant from 1986 (below left), I remember them showing up in Western Germany when the border was opened in 1989. Most of them were swiftly replaced by western cars over the next few years...
An East-German Trabant from 1986 A Bedford lorry
Leyland double-deck bus from 1929 Mass transport also plays an important role in the collection. Two examples here, a Leyland double-deck bus and a double-deck tram originally owned by the Glasgow Corporation.
Glasgow Corporation tram

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