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Cars parked on the runway with the hangars in the background A bus service was provided to transfer between the hangars
Inside one of the deep storage hangars The Science Museum Wroughton (near Swindon) is part of the National Museum of Science & Industry. Mainly large objects are stored and exhibited here, but some of the hangars are also used for deep storage.
The museum is not normally open to the public, you can only visit it during special event days (also listed on their website). On the 2nd of September 2001 the museum opened for a "More in Store Open Day", an opportunity to visit some of the deep storage and other hangars.
A transfer service between the various hangars all over the airfield was provided. Please use the links below to see the pages with pictures of the various exhibits:

I hope you enjoy your "virtual visit" as much as I enjoyed my real visit.
View from the Science Museum over Wroughton towards Swindon One of the old hangars on the airfield