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The weather fulfilled the cliche and it remained grey and overcast the whole day, but I still had had a nice day in London walking along the Thames from Westminster to the Tower Bridge. One big attraction was the "London Eye" or "Millenium Wheel", which was obviously still under construction in November 1999. Once it opens I'm sure it will be a major attraction and I'm sure I'll visit again to enjoy the view...
Picture of the London Eye under construction
The "London Eye" from Westminster Bridge
Picture of the Millennium Wheel behind other buildings
Another view at the wheel (from the OXO building)
Picture of the House of Parliament behind Westminster Bridge
House of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

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Picture of Big Ben
Picture of a white round building, a traditional theatre of Shakespearean times
Shakespeares Globe Theatre
Picture of cathedral seen behind a bridge
St Paul's viewed over Blackfriars Bridge
Picture of a medieval building, the Tower of London
The Tower of London
Picture of London's Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge, what else?