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I've only recently started buying DVD's after I bought my new laptop with a DVD drive. Most of my DVD's I've bought at Excellent service and a great selection. Here are some of my favourites and the links to it, so that you can order on-line:

One of my favourite actors is Robert Carlyle. I think his acting is just brilliant. I still find it hard to believe that the friendly policeman in Hamish MacBeth and the psycho Begbie in Trainspotting is actually played by the same person. And he's really nasty in Trainspotting...
Now what is Trainspotting about? It's based on the novel by Irvine Welsh and describes the story of Mark Renton (played by Ewan McGregor) and his friends (Spud, Sick Boy and yes, Begbie). The film shows the life and disintegration of the friendship of a bunch of junkies, thieves, psychos and losers. It's set in Edinborough/Scotland, if English is not your first language you might initially struggle with the Scottish dialect. And some of the language is rather strong...

Another favourite is the stand up comedian and actor Billy Connolly. Several of his comedy shows are now available on DVD and VHS-Video. I think the "Big Yin" is one of the funniest persons on this planet. But he's also a good actor, for example in The Debt Collector (DVD) or in Her Majesty Mrs Brown (DVD). In The Debt Collector he plays an ex-con who was just released from prison and is seemingly rehabilitated as an acclaimed sculptor. But there is also a policeman who doesn't believe him and is determined to see justice done at any price... In Her Majesty Mrs Brown he plays the royal Servant John Brown in a portrait of the true-life relationship between England's Queen Victoria and John Brown.

Well, and if you prefer his comic side, here are the two Billy Connolly shows on DVD:

Following on from some of the recommendations on my Books page here are two of my favourite books who made it to the screen:

So far with a few recommendations from me (don't worry, there will be more once I get around to it). If you are looking for something else, why not use the search box below:

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