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About the author, Armin Grewe

I'm Armin Grewe, the author of this website. I was born and grew up in Germany before moving to the UK in 1995, where apart from a short interruption from 1998-2000 I've lived ever since. I work in the IT industry, probably part of the reason I got involved in the web, building websites and also blogging. For the time being I live in southern England, currently in Aldermaston Wharf in West Berkshire.

Outside of my day job (I work in the finance department of a major multinational telecomms & IT company) I have a variety of interests including travelling and day trips in England, Scotland and Wales, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and in particular the Isle of Islay in Scotland. I enjoy drinking Islay single malt whisky and listening to various types of music, mainly ‘alternative’ and classical. I enjoy photography when I'm out and about, many of the pictures make it on to the web in some way.

You can find more about and from me on my Armin Grewe Google profile and on my personal website.

About the website, The Armin Grewe Homepage

I started this website in 1999, initially on the free webspace my internet access provider offered. After a while I got more ambitious, registered my first domain and rented space at a webhoster. As it started out as a personal website I called it ‘The Armin Grewe Homepage’, a name I've just kept ever since.

The website is about some of my interests, broadly broken into three areas:

There are often links between the areas, as they are complementing each other. The vast majority of the content is my own work, in particular the pictures. In some cases I have been sent information from other people, something I'm very grateful about. This includes in particular old pictures and background information not otherwise available.


If you still have questions I hope the The Armin Grewe Homepage FAQ can answer them. Otherwise send me an e-mail.