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Note: This page is outdated, please visit my new pages about the House for an Artlover: The first one has pictures from the exterior and the Dining Room, the second one has pictures from the Music Room and the Oval Room.

Music Room - House for an Art Lover The House for an Art Lover (Haus eines Kunstfreundes) was Charles Rennie Mackintosh's entry for a competition of the German magazine "Zeitschrift fuer Innendekoration" in 1901. It was disqualified for technical reasons, but was awarded a special prize by the jury. The drawings were published in the magazine "Deutsche Kunst" while the full portfolio was published under the title "Meister der Innenkunst".
The house was never built during Mackintosh's lifetime. It was built in Bellahouston Park almost 100 Years later by Glasgow City Council and the Glasgow School of Art. Some of the rooms are open to the public, while others are used by the Glasgow School of Art. The room on the left is the Music Room, my favourite room in the building. It's one of lightest rooms in the building, a very interesting contrast to some of the other rather dark rooms. At the far end you can see the piano.
House for an Artlover - Back The House for an Artlover from the outside. The room above is behind the windows going out on the balcony.
The House for an Artlover again, this time from the other side. The dining room is on the right hand side. The main hall is behind the narrow windows in the middle. House for an Artlover - Front
House for an Artlover And my last picture from the House for an Artlover. Just enjoy the view.

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