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Books around the worldFor anyone interested to find out a little bit more about Charles Rennie Mackintosh, here are a few books I've bought. In Association with you be interested in buying any of these books, clicking on the links will bring you to where you can purchase them.
Latest additions:
Picture of The Quest for Charles Rennie Mackintosh by John CairneyJust published in June 2004: The Quest for Charles Rennie Mackintosh by John Cairney (Hardcover 302 pages (June 2004) Luath Press; ISBN: 1842820583) is a biography of the life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It focuses on the man behind the famous architect and among others examines the relationship with his wife Margaret Macdonald. Picture of The Mackintosh Style by Eilzabeth WilhideThe Mackintosh Style by Elizabeth Wilhide (Paperback 160 pages (February 26, 1998) Pavilion Books Ltd; ISBN: 1862051216) explores his handling of colour, use of materials and graphic approach to form. A lot of pictures with details in this book.
General recommendations:
My first book was Anthony Jones' Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Hardcover (June 1990) Studio Edns.; ISBN: 1851704124). It gives a very good overview about CRM's life and work Concentrating on his famous tea rooms is Taking Tea with Mackintosh by Perilla Kinchin (Hardcover - 112 pages (1 September, 1998) Pomegranate; ISBN: 0764906925). A lot of information about the tea rooms and also a few traditional tea room recipes
Book cover Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Wendy KaplanMy most detailed (and also heaviest) book about CRM is Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Wendy Kaplan (Editor) (Hardcover - 383 pages (24 May, 1996) Abbeville Press; ISBN: 1558597913). This book was published in association with the CRM exhibition by Glasgow Museums, Glasgow School of Arts and the Hunterian Gallery which travelled to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles in 1996. A very specialised book (well, it's more of a brochure) is CR Mackintosh, The Chelsea Years by Alan Crawford, Janet Bassett- Lowke and Pamela Robertson (Editor) (Paperback (1 July, 1994) Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow; ISBN: 0904254623). It concentrates on the period 1915-1923 CRM spent in London and his work for W.J. Bassett-Lowke (e.g. 78 Derngate).
Some nice pictures can be found in K.E. Sullivan's The Life, Times and Work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Hardcover - 127 pages (March 1998) Brockhampton Press; ISBN: 1860197981). Book cover Charles Rennie Mackintosh by John McKeanA fairly new book is Charles Rennie Mackintosh : Architect, Artist, Icon by John McKean & Colin Baxter (Hardcover - 160 pages illustrate (October 2000) Voyageur Press (MN); ISBN: 0896585190). A lot of pictures including some recently restored buildings.
Cover of the book Mackintosh Furniture by Roger BillcliffeMackintosh Furniture by Roger Billcliffe (Paperback - 224 pages (15 September, 2000) Cameron & Hollis; ISBN: 0906506018) focuses on furniture and is a good complement to the book about textiles from the same author (listed below right) Do you have any further books you think should be recommended on this page? Send me a mail through my feedback form
Here are a few recommendations from visitors to this page:
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Architectural Papers by Pamela Robertson (Editor) (Hardcover - 240 pages (9 July, 1990) White Cockade Publishing; ISBN: 0951312413) - For serious students/lovers of CRM. This book provides a concise background on CRM's architectural influences, as well as giving an insight into the great man's own formative thinking through the reproduction of his Italian Tour diaries and the few lectures/papers he gave... Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Textile Designs by Roger Billcliffe (Hardcover - 112 pages (November 1993) Pomegranate Artbooks Inc; ISBN: 1566403146) - with an interesting preface, this book principally comprises reproductions of CRM and MMM's phenomenal output (and unacknowledged) of textile designs. A feast for the eyes - and a continual source of inspiration.
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