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This is my collection of links for further information about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his work. I've tried to comment them so that you know what to expect behind them. Each link will open a new browser window, please note that I accept no responsibility for the content of any of these links.
  • The Charles Rennie Mackintosh society now has a website, contact them for more information.
  • A good overview can be found at the Great Architects website (Thanks to Hal Levin for this link)
  • Worldwide Art Resources is a listing of all kind of art resources. They are listing my pages, so I'm adding this reciprocal link.
  • organises tours through Glasgow and around to visit various buildings designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • Caroline Mockett has created the wonderful Cameron House, a 1/12 scale dolls house in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Fantastic details, a must visit! (Thanks to Robert B Kelly for this link)
Buildings designed by CRM:
  • The Glasgow School of Art was designed by CRM, so it's not very surprising that they have a few pages about him
  • The House for an Art Lover in Bellahouston Park was CRM's entry for a competition by a German design magazine which has now been turned into reality. The website contains some very nice pictures and some background information
  • The Mackintosh House in Glasgow was CRM's home from 1906-1914. You can take a virtual tour of the house on the page of the Hunterian Gallery.
  • Hill House in Helensburgh is owned and maintained by the National Trust, the site gives some basic information only
  • 78 Derngate, Northampton CRM's last major work, unfortunately not open to the public at the moment
  • This one is not strictly a Mackintosh link, but you should still check out the Lighthouse. It's the converted Herald building which Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed and it has an excellent Mackintosh exhibition.
  • The Willow Tea Rooms website gives a good overview over the history of the tearooms and how you can visit them today
  • The Artists Cottage in Invernesshire is based on some drawings Mackintosh made. If you're lucky you might even be able to stay there...
  • ITC sells the Mackintosh font (I'm using it on this website in my banner and the design at the bottom). You can download directly from the website if you pay by credit card. Worked very well for me
  • Another CRM font can be found at (Nice domain!)
  • The furniture you can find on is very nice as well. It's concentrated on the House for an Artlover (who they work with), but also has other styles. If I only had the space and money...
  • Reproduction furniture by Bruce Hamilton can be found under He worked on various commissions, namely the House for an Art Lover dining room suite as well as furniture at the Willow Tearooms in Buchanan St and Sauchiehall St
  • Mackintosh enthusiasts from the other side of the pond (in particular from North America) might want to try the Mackintosh offers at EuroFurniture from Chicago. Thanks to Robert B Kelly for the link.
  • At Fusion Metalwork you can metal furniture and architectural ironwork, they also have a series inspired by Mackintosh. Thanks again to Robert B Kelly for the link.
  • Walsh Brothers Jewellers sell various watches, jewellery and silverware including CRM style items. You might want to start with his biography and then explore their offerings.
  • Interested in Charles Rennie Mackintosh needlework charts and kits? Then try, they have various nice ones based on his designs and watercolors (and thanks for the link to my page)
  • If you are looking for Charles Rennie Mackintosh style fabrics, you can try Among others they can supply the famous rose and teardrop motif (Thanks to Robert B Kelly for the link)
  • Another source for Charles Rennie Mackintosh furniture and fabrics is The Arts and Crafts Home from Brighton. (Thanks to Bernie Edwards for the link)

The following two links seem to have stopped working. Any hints what happened to those companies appreciated.

  • An excellent CD-ROM is sold by Wigwamdigital, it's a multimedia documentation on CRM's life and work
  • Interested in replica furniture? Then try You will find furniture from several designers and especially an excellent area with Charles Rennie Mackintosh replica furniture. I hope I can afford some of it some day... And thanks for the link to my site!
Other "unofficial" CRM websites:
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