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View over the AmmerseeEaster 2000 was a special Easter: First it probably was the best weather for the Easter weekend for years, second it was also my birthday on the Saturday (You'd like to know how old I am? Well, search this page, it's somewhere...). As my parents always visited me over Easter since I started working we continued with this "tradition" and this year my sister came over from Heidelberg as well.

On the Saturday we decided to visit Kloster Andechs, one of my favourite places around Munich. We took the S-Bahn to Herrsching to walk up to Andechs from there. On the right you can see the pier in Herrsching at the Ammersee

Kloster Andechs My parents Bodo and Jutta with my sister ImkeOn the left you can see Kloster Andechs, our destination.

According to my tourist guide book it is "one of Germany's most important pilgrimage destinations, famous worldwide for it's centuries-old brewing tradition and Andechser Bock beer" (AA CityPack Munich).

From Herrsching it takes about one to one and a half hours to walk. On the right are my parents and my sister on the way to Kloster Andechs.

Now guess what happened in Andechs? I had to try their excellent Weissbier...
That's me, Armin, enjoying a Mass of Weissbier That's me, Armin, again. Relaxing after all the Weissbier...
On our way back we passed the Starnberger See with the Alps in the background (much nicer on a clear day, but you get the idea):
Looking over the Starnberger See with the Alps in the background